Anna Buddha's Career


Anna Buddha was born in the Fire-Hen year in Korea.

At the age of ten, when She was lying down on her room, She heard the heartbeat of the earth.
As if She was lying down on her mother's breast, She listened to the sound, and Her body was quivered with wonder.

Through the experience She understood that the earth was living and felt oneness with the Universe.

After that She could frequently listen to the singing of flowers and converse with woods, little insects, herbs, etc.

From Her youth, because Her extrasensory perception was developed remarkably, She could feel other people's agonies keenly and suffered greatly for them.

From that time on, She wanted to solve the human sufferings fundamentally. The ardent eager to solve the human problems filled Her little chest and She passed her youthful days with the earnest quest.

At the age of eleven when She smelled the fragrance of a flower, the fragrance was very strange and mysterious, She suddenly heard the Voice of God from Her inner World.

The Voice said "I am God of Creation", and taught Her every moment onward. Thus She was brought up with the guidance of the Voice of God.

At the age of sixteen in Her senior high school, urgent Quest of the Reality of Life and Death led her to killing Her self by taking lots of sleeping pills.

She wanted to know the Life after Death and the Reality of Soul.
After suicide She experienced her astral body leaving her physical one.
Her physical body remained dead but She could see everything in the hospital. The wall, room, Her dead body, nurses, and doctors were seen obviously.

Especially She could see Her soul clearly. But She realized that the soul was not the Ultimate Goal of Her Quest.
So She returned to the physical body and came back to life again.

Afterwards She practiced many spiritual trainings for Quest of the Ultimate Truth.

When She was a junior student in the university, She attended at a Holy Spirit Seminar which was in charge of Catholic Church.

Attending at the spiritual training, She had the experience of buoyancy and felt Oneness with the Whole Universe.
She knew that Her real essence was the Infinite Consciousness.

This was the Experience of Self [or Realization of Pure Mind] which Buddhists called Realization Of Self or 'Kyen Seong'.
['Kyen Seong' means 'Seeing the real Self']

After the experience She communed with the Inner Voice of God more intimately. The Inner Voice of God continuously taught Her the Truth of Universe according to Her spiritual level.

By the practice of life energy control(prana control) and meditation, Her life energy centers(chakras) were developed and She could see other people's auras more vividly than Her teenaged girl.
Also She developed the ability of foreseeing, dream-interpreting, inner healing and driving out evil ghosts, etc.

During Her studying abroad, for five years, when She worked
as spiritual therapy sever and counselor for the sorrow-stricken people in Catholic Church,
She saw their problems in clairvoyance.

At that time She had a round Wisdom Eye in the forehead indicating dualism of the Universe.

When she worked as spiritual server for others,
She encountered the reality of other human's sufferings and agonies, and She had the compassionate desires to solve all human beings sufferings.
These sympathetic desires which She had from Her youth was rekindled in Her Heart.

After Her returning to her country[south Korea] from abroad, the Voice of God being heard from the Inner World continuously taught Her and led Her to the Ultimate Truth.

One day the Voice said,

"I AM You, and You ARE Me.

We ARE One from the beginning of the Creation.

Just now You are about to realize this Truth."

Hearing this remarkable pronouncement,
She was astonished greatly.

The Voice continued,

"You ARE One Reality,

Entering the Way of Truth,

Through the progress and mutation

You will become a mature Reality.

Don't worry or shrink.

Now before Your eyes,

The Way of Eternal Truth will be spread out.

You must go the Way.

The Way is the Road of Love,

And It is the Way You must go.

Now You must go into the middle of the world."

This Message from the Voice of God was given to Her one year before Her meeting with Baegwha Buddha.

From Her birth She was baptized in the Catholic Church and was named Anna after the infant baptismal name.

[Anna is a feminine name literally meaning 'Grace' of God, in Hebrew 'hannah']

She was a faithful believer in Catholicism from child but now She was driven into the middle of the world for the Ultimate Realization of Eternal Salvation.

After that She came to BAEGWHA DORYANG in 1996 on the seventh of September and met with Baegwha Buddha.

[BAEGWHA means White Blooming, DORYANG means Divine Place for Spiritual Training]

At Her first meeting with Him, She was surprised greatly to see the big Heart-Shaped Wisdom Eye in the forehead of Baegwha Buddha.

She also admired the Wisdom and Spiritual Power that flowed from the lips of Him as He answered various questions through the night from the persons in the room gathered from the nation.

Next day She returned home in Taegu city by train.

In 1996 on the tenth of September, at the age of forty, She attained the Ultimate Eternal Truth known as ANUTTARA-SAMYAK-SAMBODHI by Sakyamuni Buddha.

[Sakyamuni Buddha was also known as Siddhartha Gautama in India]

She felt Her body's disappearance, and felt that all the Universe was Her Reality, and the distinction between the Universe and Her body was remained no more.

She returned to the original Creation, and Her I-NESS melted away eternally, and also Her Soul or Self disappeared forever.

Now She realized that Her Pursuit of Eternal Truth of Emancipation through the countless lives of reincarnational cycles had been achieved eventually.

At that time the round Wisdom Eye of Duality in the forehead of Her disappeared and the Heart-Shaped Wisdom Eye of Compassion appeared in the middle of Her forehead like Baegwha Buddha's.

[The big Heart-Shaped Wisdom Eye of Compassion in the forehead is symbolized as the Seal of Merciful Buddha of Compassion, that is, MAITREYA BUDDHA]

And She also saw the Purple Golden Light through the Inner Eye vividly. This Light was with Her always. It had been the Light of Purple-Golden Light Buddha long long times ago.

After the Ultimate Enlightenment of Truth, the Subtle Light of Enlightenment or Buddha's Light, that is, the Light of Creation was emanating from Her body to all Universes.

She instantly knew that this Subtle Light of Creation could dissolve the human being's Original Sin. If one put in tune with the Buddha's Light, the dissolving amount of sin would be much more than ever.

Now she achieved Her Goal to help other people solve their problems of agonies and anguishes.

Next day of Her Ultimate Enlightenment, one Buddhist male monk came to Her with his attendant male monk and prostrated themselves before Her with three times of bowing in Ceremony of Becoming BUDDHA.

Usually the Buddhist monks, especially male monks do not bow down to worldly man, for they are respected as three jewels of Buddhism.

In this Ceremony She really understood Her State and Mission as BUDDHA according to DIVINE PROVIDENCE.

Afterwards awaring Her Mission and Call of the Divine Will, She leaved home and reached BAEGWHA DORYANG and joined with Baegwha Buddha.

After Her Enlightenment, She fasted thirty three days and experienced the Right State Of Buddha.

Afterwards as in proving the fact, earthquake occurred and the house of BAEGWHA DORYANG trembled for a moment at noon and many stars in the sky fell down for many hours at the night.
[This happened in 1996, on the thirteenth of December]

She continued fasting until the forty fifth day, and acquired many Extrasensory Perception, that is, Supernatural Power which every Buddha had in the past.

She could see the previous life of human beings or animals, and could know thoughts of distant persons, and could read other man's mind, and could exactly interpret visions or dreams and could know the Original Sin's thickness or thinness of others.

And She knew the previous life relationship with Baegwha Buddha and understood the previous life arrangement as Becoming Buddha by Her previous life parent Buddha, whose name was KUMALASON BUDDHA in the past disappeared World.
She also knew Her Mission in this World.

ANNA BUDDHA works for the Salvation of the World these days.

She calls for the sheep who could be saved by Her ENLIGHTENED BUDDHA LIGHT.