Baegwha Buddha's Career


Baegwha Buddha was born in the Water-Dragon year in Korea.

In eighteen years old, He strived to solve the great problem of Life and Death.

"What is life and what is death? Is there anything after death?
And is there Truth Eternal? How can I know the Eternal Truth?
Everything on earth's life is only a dream if we know the reality of death. Therefore what is life's true meaning?"

He had no taste on everything he encountered.

When He entered the university(Seoul National University, Teacher's college, the department of Korean language and literature), Baegwha Buddha often meditated in the valleys around the campus.
He sat down in the lotus form [padmasana posture] quietly at lawn.
He entered inner world and contemplated on the Truth and Eternal Freedom.

He practiced Yoga meditation and Buddhistic Vipasyana Watching Method and studied Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Taoism, and so forth.

He accepted every religion in open mind.
For His concern was only on the Truth that every religion had.

He did not belong to any religion and at the same time belonged to every religion.

At the age of thirty( May, 1981), He practiced Buddhistic Watching Method[four division Vipasyana or Watching Method] and was enlightened by Pure Mind or Self.

He knew that His mind was Pure, utterly Pure.
Every dot of thoughts was disappeared from His Mind.
And sometimes He could see His thoughts and emotions as objects on the screen of His pure Mind.
His Mind was pure reality and He did not affected by thoughts or emotions like anger, sorrow, desire, etc.

It seemed to be the real peaceful state of Mind, and anxiety was enlightenment itself.
At the time Baegwha Buddha clearly understood Zen-buddhism's very difficult dialogue in its books.

Zen-Buddhists call it Self-Realization or Enlightenment. This state of mind is Zen-buddhism's ultimate Goal. They say that the Self-Realization(in buddhistic word 'Kyen Seong') is the state of Buddhahood.

But Baegwha Buddha intuitively understood that this was not the Ultimate Truth which Sakyamuni Buddha had attained three thousand years ago in India.

So He strived to attain the Ultimate Truth which Sakayamuni Buddha had called ANUTTARA-SAMYAK-SAMBODHI[The Ultimate-Equal-Real Truth], that is, NIRVANA[with physical body Nirvana] and SUNYA[The Full Vacuum Wisdom].

At the age of thirty four(Spring, 1985), He experienced that His heart was melting down in His inner body.
After that His heart was emanating spiritual light immensely as if great surge was running out from his heart through the body, especially through the hands.

At the time He felt that everything was united with Love.
Everything was felt as One by the Love emitting from His heart (in Yoga anahata chakra). By this wave of Love He could cure many people's diseases.

But He knew that the blooming of His heart's Love (anahata chakra's Enlightening) was not the Ultimate Goal of His Life.

He quitted His job as a teacher in high school and went into the Ji-ri mountain(meaning Wisdom Supreme Mountain) [in 1986] which was well known as huge one in Korea.

[After His graduation of the university He had a job as a Korean language teacher in high school. After His daily work, He meditated regularly and practiced spiritual training and often fasted two more weeks at one time]

After entering Ji-ri mountain He practiced five years spiritual training.
At that time He meditated and studied spiritual and religious Books like Bible, Buddhist Sutras, Confucius Books and Taoism Books.
He stayed at the mountain until 1990.

At the age of thirty seven(February, 1988) He experienced the infinite Consciousness. He abandoned every particle of anticipation and hopes for helping other human beings. In His eyes all Human beings seemed to be pitiful ones.
For they did not know the greatness of their inner Soul and only was occupied by outer trivial world desires forgetting their True Nature.

After His giving up helping these people, He suddenly experienced the infinite Consciousness for three days.
He was one with the finite World.
He felt that the infinite Consciousness was His real Being.

Now He sighed "Oh the Ultimate Truth is this. This state is It that world's great Ones like Lao-tzu and Confucius had achieved."

He sobbed many days for Compassion on all human beings.

But after a while He understood that this state also was not the Ultimate State which Sakyamuni Buddha had achieved.
So He strived to achieve the Ultimate Truth by meditation, introspection and inner quest.

After the experience, five years elapsed practicing meditation every day.

At the age of forty two, after fourteen days of fasting, on the tenth of August [August 10, 1993], at last He reached THE ULTIMATE STATE OF TRUTH which every Buddhas had achieved in the past, and will achieve in the future.

The real Self or the infinite Consciousness melted away in His body.
He did not know where His being was.
Because His real Self or the I-ness had disappeared from His heart.
NO I-NESS or VACUUM WISDOM, that is, SUNYA was his REAL ESSENCE, which three thousand years ago Sakyamuni Buddha had declared.

He understood cleary that His reincarnational cycles was finished forever and forever.
And He also understood that this was the Ultimate Salvation and the Ultimate Liberation, and the Ultimate Great Freedom and Emancipation.

No more life and death could affect His Great Truth Enlightened Supreme Being of NON-BEING.

Finally He achieved The Ultimate-Equal-Real Truth that was called as ANUTTARA-SAMYAK-SAMBODHI of Sakyamuni Buddha.

That night at 10 o'clock countless numbers of stars in heaven brightly twinkled and fell down from the sky.

In the west sky two or three meters above the mountain, there was two bright stars. Especially they were seen blazingly twinkling in the sky. One was flashing brightly and suddenly disappeared. After a while the other was also flashing clearly and disappeared.

This phenomenon was the sign of Heaven proving two Buddhas of Maitreya[Merciful Buddhas] appearing on earth.
[It was said when Sakyamuni Buddha enlightened under the Bodhi Tree, there appeared bright morning star in the sky] 

And He could not sleep at all through the night afterwards. His body was emanating numerous rays of Spiritual Enlightened Subtle Light. This Subtle Light penetrated the whole World. He felt the Subtle Light as clearly as the sun rays.

This Light could melt away original Sin of human beings.

This Blissful, Non-sleeping and Subtle Light-emitting State continued for half and a month. It is known that this State was continued for forty nine days in Sakyamuni Buddha.

In this way He achieved the Buddhahood. And He became BUDDHA, the Supreme Enlightened One.

He was called BAEGWHA BUDDHA[The White Blooming Buddha].

He was destined as Merciful Buddha or MAITREYA BUDDHA, 'that is', Male MAITREYA BUDDHA by the Divine Will [the Providence of Supreme God].

After His becoming BUDDHA, He fasted for fifty days for fighting with the power of darkness, and conquered the king of darkness, Mara or Satan, who controlled this present dark or corrupt World.

Now Baegwha Buddha realized that His Real Being or Essence was God Itself.

After His meeting with Anna Buddha, He knew the relationship between them by previous life reading and realized their Mission in this Transmuting Age.