DHARMA means truth, method, law, or order of
   the universe.


The core of every teaching of Two Living Buddhas is the abolition of Original Sin, that is, Karma-Sin.

The Original Sin is referred in the Bible.
This is also referred in Buddhist or Hindu Sutras as Karma or Karma-Sin, that is, the previous life sins.

Essentially this is the accumulated Sin of the Past, including present life and countless previous lives.

The Original Sin or Karma-Sin is stored up because of the evil thoughts, wicked acts and bad speakings.

If one continues doing these evils, he accumulates his Karma-Sin, that is, the Original Sin ceaselessly.

The Original Sin is hidden in one's deep subconsciousness or unconsciousness so that he don't know where the Original Sin is.

Nevertheless this Original Karma-Sin casts Its Shadow on the cells of the physical body.

So the strengthened form of It would be usually expressed as diseases, sometimes chronic diseases.

If the Original Sin, that is, Karma-Sin would be extinguished from the body cells or from the subconsciousness, there will be great health in the body, in the mind, and in the Soul.

There are many methods in extinguishing the Original Sin.

For example,
'Yem-Bul', that is, the Recitation of Buddha's Name, attending at the Lecture Meetings of living Buddhas, and hearing the Preachings repeatedly, and Seeking the Eternal Truth, meditation, introspection, repentance, charity, and living for others would be the means for extinguishing one's Original Sin.

[Here 'Yem' means reciting, 'Bul' means Buddha]

But the best Way abolishing one's Karma-Sin is to receive the Enlightened Subtle Light from the Living Buddhas, that is, the Ultimately Enlightened Beings.

For this, one may use the Method of Yem-Bul, that is, the Recitation of Buddha's Name.

To do this, one must attune his mind and his soul to the Enlightened One.

Because the supremely Enlightened Being, that is, the Living Buddha radiates the Enlightened Subtle Light,
if one attunes his mind and soul sincerely with Him[or Her],
he could receive the Enlightened Subtle Light, which
could dissolve his Karma-Sin, that is, Original Sin. Through Yem-Bul he could connect his soul with the Subtle Light.

Therefore Yem-Bul is a very important Method for one who want to dissolve his Original Sin and enter the New World after the coming of Photon Belt.

Hearing Preachings of the Enlightened Ones is also very important.

The Utterly Emancipated Beings from the endless reincarnational cycles have the Unique Voice.

The Voice was called 'The Roar of Lion' by Sakyamuni Buddha, and also is called 'The Calling Voice of Cow' by Nam Sago, the excellent prophet of past Korea, who lived about four hundred and fifty years ago in Korea and prophesied the Coming of Two Male and Female Maitreya Buddhas in his own word as 'Two White Saviors'. [And in his own word 'The Calling Voice of Cow' means the Voice of Mother Cow's Calling for her calves]

This Unique Voice has the unique functions, that is, melting away the Original Sin or Karma-Sin in the body cells or in the subconsciousness.

So it is very important to hear the Preachings of Living Buddhas repeatedly and respectfully.

In this way and with the help of other Methods, one may gradually dissolve his Original Sin or Karma-Sin.

So he could purify and change his body and soul and become an exalted human being, that is, the true Human Being with Love, Peace, and Health.

With the Changed, Exalted Consciousness, he could enter the New World, which the Divine Providence had already planned from the Beginning of the Creation of this earth.

If one sincerely repeats the Name of the Living Buddhas, he could connect his being with the Enlightened Subtle Light of Buddhas, and dissolve his Original Sin.

Now we will introduce you the practicing of Yem-Bul, the Recitation of Buddha's Holy Name for your benefit.

Yem-Bul is generally the repeating of the Living Buddha's Name in voice. The sound or voice may be low or loud according to your state of mind and according to your environmental conditions.
But if you wish you could practice the repeating of the Living Buddha's Name in mind only.

Every morning and evening or at night, you may practice the Repetition of Buddha's Name more than thirty minutes.

You may practice Yem-Bul or the Recitation of Living Buddha's Name at any time during the day according to your conditions.

You may also practice longer or shorter than thirty minutes.
If you have times, you may practice longer than one or two hours. 

You may sit on the floor or on the chair with crossed legs or else, and the point of the posture is to sit down comfortably and peacefully.

Sitting comfortably, one should join his hands with reverence and repeat the following Buddha's Name in voice.

Now you may practice the following Method.

"Namu Baegwha Bul, Namu Baegwha Bul,

 Namu Baegwha Bul, Namu Baegwha Bul,

 Namu Baegwha Bul  ······  repetition  ······"

You may repeat this for ten or twenty or thirty minutes or longer, after that you may repeat the followings for the same duration of time.

"Namu Anna Bul, Namu Anna Bul,

 Namu Anna Bul, Namu Anna Bul

 Namu Anna Bul  ······  repetition  ······"

[Of the upper Names, 'Namu' means 'return to, turn back', and 'Baegwha' means 'White Blooming', and 'Anna' means the 'Grace' of God, and 'Bul' means 'Buddha, the Enlightened One']

The more sincerely you practices the Recitation of Buddha's Name, the more benefit you will receive from the Enlightened Buddhas' Light.

If you continuously and sincerely practice the Method, you will feel the Buddha's Subtle Light or His Presence or His Guidance.

By the practicing of Recitation of Buddha's Name,
the Original Sin, that is, Karma-Sin may be dissolved gradually,
and the face or skin cells become purified,
and the voice becomes clear and vibrant,
and the eyes become pure and tender,
and above all one may live according to the Divine Will.

By Yem-Bul you may attune yourself with the Providence and receive the Help and Guidance of the Divine Will in everyday life.

The Living Buddhas call for the Sheep around the Globe.

May you be blessed by the Divine Will.