Korea was called 'The Land of The Morning Calm.'
India's great poet Tagore, Rabindranath once said
Korea would be the Light of Asia.
In Korea, there are two male and female Buddhas.

They attained the Great Liberation which Sakyamuni Buddha had gaind
three thousand years ago.

And they emit Enlightened Light from their Original Truth Body.

This Light extinguishs human's Original Sin 'that is' Karma-sin.
By the help of this Light
you can liberate your self from the reincanational circles.

In Ten years the globe will change to more advanced New World.
If you want to enter this New World,
you must extinguish your Original Sin.

The male and female Buddhas will lead you to this New World
and Eternal Liberation by their Enlightened Subtle Light.

May you associate with the Living Buddha's Enlightened Light.