The Living Buddha
For Extinction
of Original Sin

At a valley with sparse habitation in the east center of Taebaek Mountain Range, at Springsite(Saemteo), Bong Wha-gun Seokpo-myen, Seokpo-ri, Gyensang Buk-Do, South Korea, BAEGWHA DORYANG is located in tranquility surrounded by fences of peaks of Doshim Valley and Bulshim Valley and clear streams in front and rear Mountains.

There lives two Male and Female Buddhas.
Their names are Baegwha Buddha and Anna Buddha.
They came down this world at this time as MAITREYA BUDDHA
(The Merciful Buddha Of Compassion or Love).

In Korea there are many stone sculptures symbolizing Male Maitreya Buddha and Female Maitreya Buddha.
Korean ancestors sculptured stone images around Korea many centuries ago or a thousand years ago prophesying two male and female Buddha's birth.

Baegwha Buddha and Anna Buddha were destined as being born in Korea as Merciful Buddha(Maitreya) from eons ago, that is, kalpas ago by their previous life's parents KUMALASON BUDDHA and His MERCY
At that time they were their twin son and daughter and were trained as Buddhahood.

Now they were born in Korea and became enlightened as Buddhas.
Their essential attribute are Mercy itself as Maitreya Buddha, but their presently used names have separate meanings, that is, Baegwha means White(Baeg) Blooming(or Flower, Wha) and Anna means Grace(of God) and Buddha means Supremely Enlightened One.

Their Essential Truth Body emit the Enlightened Subtle
Buddha Light that melt down Original Sin, that is Karma-Sin
of human beings.
They were sent in this world as Savior, Messiah, and Emancipator
of soul by the Providence.

May you be saved by the Divine Buddha Light. 

From now on we will introduce their Career separately.